It Is Time To Review The 1914 Marriage, To Know Whether To Remain Together Or Not- Sen Ekpenyong


A well known Nigerian politician and lawmaker, Senator Christopher Ekpenyong, has once again spoken. While speaking, the senator expressed concern over the agitation for secession going on in different parts of the country.

Senator Ekpenyong made it clear that we should review the conditions of the 1914 amalgamation and also sit down to discuss, so as to know whether to remain together or not.

Senator Ekpenyong made this disclosure in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital on Saturday. He stated it clearly that tribalism, marginalisation and nepotism are the major factors fuelling these agitations.

He also made it known that decades ago, such issues were not in existence and that Nigerians were living happily and peacefully then. Going further, he made it clear that it is time to review the 1914 marriage because it will help is to resolve the problems fueling agitation for secession in different parts of the country.

I think Senator Ekpenyong has made an important point here. I believe that we should remain together, but let there be dialogue so that a final conclusion would be reached. The major reasons for this agitating is marginalisation. Something must be done so as to bring the agitation to an end.