Covid-19 Pandemic In Ghana Has Forced Ghanaian Businesses To Layoff Workers - Read Full Details


Ghana was surprisingly hit by one of the most deadliest virus to ever hit the world called Corona virus or simply, Covid-19. During this trial times, the Ghana government shut down schools, churches, mosques, pubs, funerals, football and among other places that a lot of people go to have fun or otherwise.

The corona virus pandemic which was declared by the World Health Organization [W.H.O] has caused more harm than good especially to Ghanaian businesses. These business were highly affected by this global pandemic.

According to Statistical Service of Ghana [SSG], "COVID-19 has forced businesses in Ghana to reduce wages for over 770,000 workers, and caused about 42,000 layoffs". This is just mind blowing seriously. Because of Corona virus or Covid-19, someone has lose his or her job which shouldn't be so in any case but the virus has brought that.

In addition to the the threat pose by this deadly virus, the global pandemic is having serious implications on the society and businesses as well. The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 20201, causing huge impact on the society, the people and even businesses has also experience a bit of this.

Keep this in mind, not only has the virus has negative impact on businesses; it has also impacted positively on businesses because, during this difficult time, businesses do not work for the normal hours it use to, some of the products prices has gone down and even in some cases, some businesses got no option than to layoff or sack some workers.

With this, it is undeniable scrutiny that, corona virus or Covid-19 has negatively impacted on businesses not only in Ghana but across the whole world in one way or the other.

When the President of the Republic of Ghana issued a policy which was a partial lock down, Ghanaian stores, businesses, schools and among others were closed due to the corona virus and it is just unprecedented because these businesses has to close down due to the restriction or the partial lock down.

We hope these businesses that were affected in one or the other by the corona virus will bounce back stronger.

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