Open Letter To Kanu To Stop Addressing All Igbos As Biafrans As Not All Igbos Supports His Agitation


Dear Nnamdi Kanu;

Following the recent launch of the Eastern Security Network group that you recently formed, your agitation, which has spread throughout the entire South East, has resulted in a series of crises.

This very struggle, whose sole purpose was to protect the entire South East from the dreadful fulani cattle herders, has resulted in a form of disintegration in the region, as you are now seeking immediate secession.

Despite your argument that this is a battle for all Igbos, it might be of interest to you to know that not all Igbos are in favor of your agitation. However, this submission is simply to encourage you to avoid referring to the entire South East as Biafrans because the government refuses to recognise it, and because your agitation is not universally supported. We are all aware that the Ohanaeze Ndigbo party, which includes all of the South East governors, is opposed to this agitation, so alleging that the entire South East is Biafran may be deemed unacceptable because some Igbos are not participating in your struggle.

An open letter from an Igbo man to Nnamdi Kanu, requesting that he avoid referring to all Igbos as Biafrans, as not every Igbo supports his cause.

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