Flash back: 34 years after Dele Giwa was assassinated, Meet his Family (photos)

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Flash back: 34 years after Nigerian journalist, Dele Giwa was assassinated, Meet his Family (photos)

Late Sumonu Oladele Giwa ( born 16th March, 1947) popularly known as Dele Giwa was a Nigerian editor Journalist, and the founder of Newswatch Newspaper. Dele Giwa died on 19 October, 1986. This was a very sad incident, according to reports, Dele Giwa was assassinated by a letter bomb.

Before the journalist was assassinated, he was married to Olufunmilayo Olaniyan and their marriage have been blessed children with children.

Now let talk about his surviving family;

Olufunmilayo Olaniyan

The first on the list is Olufunmilayo Olaniyan, who was the wife if the late Journalist. Olufunmilayo is the only wife of Dele Giwa and they both had five children together. To the glory of God, she is still alive and healthy, see her pictures below πŸ‘‡


As I have said It's been 34 years since the death of the Nigerian journalist, Dele Giwa but he has five surviving children alive see their pictures and some other things about them below πŸ‘‡

1. Billy Giwa

Billy Giwa is the first child and son of the Nigerian journalist.

2. Ayodele Aisha Giwa

Aisha Giwa is the first female child and the second of the Late Nigerian journalist. She see her photos below πŸ‘‡

2. Dele Jnr Giwa

Here is the third child if the Late Nigerian journalist, he his the second make child and the 3rd born of the family, as you can see he was named after his father. See his pictures below πŸ‘‡

4. Tunde Jnr Giwa

Tunde Jnr Giwa is the forth child ofGiwa's family.

5. Funmilayo Dele-Giwa:

Here is the last child's of the last journalist, Funmilayo Dele-Giwa is the second daughter and fifth child of Dele Giwa, see her photo below;

What do you think about their father's death? Share your thoughts in there comment section below πŸ‘‡

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