Eric Omondi's Mother View On Wife Material Show


Eric OMondi wife material show has being the talk of the town for some time now.

Various people in the country have given their views but Magret Omondi was yet to give an opinion about this show.

During a morning show of Jalango and Kamene Ngoro at Kiss Fm,Erico let the world know of what her mother thinks of the show.

Omondi said her mother called her and she gave him all the blessings,but asked she was really looking for a wife since he is turning 40 years old.It was high time he got a wife.

The final words are to tell him to get a wife.

Eric Omondi went ahead to say that getting a wife is not easy and it's possible that the wife material shows can end even without him getting a wife.he seemed worried that he is turnign 40 and is yet to spot a god wife to marry.

All Eric is looking for in a woman is an African Wife.