72 Year Old Man Reveals How A Lady He Helped On The Street Save His Life When He Was On The Sick-Bed


A 72-year-old man called Mr Osei ASibey who stays at Tema – Bediako shares a painful story of his life. He revealed how a lady she helped on the street some years ago supported him on his sickbed while his family disowned him.

According to Mr. Osei, he has helped a lot of people in his family but when he was on the sick bed none of them came to offer their help. It was very sad as he explains how life became very hard for and he was not getting support from anyone.

Mr. Osei leaves in his own house and nothing shows that he is poor. He is somebody who is blessed. According to him, he has only one son and he died some months ago before he fell sick and his wife also has kicked the bucket.

According to Mr. Osei, he was staying with two of his nephews but they left him after his condition became worse. Through the help of his neighbors, he was able to reach the the lady he helped sometimes a go who works at United Kingdom.

The lady stop everything she was doing at UK and came to take care of him for 6 months and God who is so merciful and the help of the lady she was healed him till healed. He didn’t know how to thank this lady so he has documented all his property in the of the lady.

Please share your thought on this, is he right to will all his property to the lady or the his family should have a share.

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