Three Fold Ministry Of Satan, Its effect In A Nation Setting, Human, Material Resources And Finance


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Three Fold Ministry Of Satan, Its effect In A Nation setting, Human And Material resources and Financial Economy.

The thief cometh not, but to steal and to kill and to destroy. John; 10:10a

·            To Steal

·            To Kill

·            To Destroy

How Does These Affect The Government Of Africa And The World At Large

To Steal.

Stealing is a criminal offence punishable under the laws of the land sometimes, cases like armed robbery attracts capital punishment which is ‘’death sentence’’ by the court of law. In cases like picking pockets, breaking and entry, attracts imprisonment or options of fine in the court of law. In Africa setting, for example, Satan has modernized stealing and armed robbery to fair transaction without offensive arms and implements; the means of stealing and armed robbery has changed to

·            The use of biro pens

·            Special reports

·            Contract awards

·            Funds transfers.

·            Security Budgets of federal and state governments.

Most African leaders uses biro pens to write off monies and transfer them abroad for self keeping. The easiest way for government official to steal money is through contract awards, several contracts have been awarded and abandoned, the money that was budgeted for the contracts goes down the drain, nobody asked what happened, files and related documents lost, sometimes government buildings will be burnt with fire and documents and files perish in the fire and government will set up a panel, and there will be no findings. In my study about African environment, I discovered that the major cause of unemployment in Nigeria and Africa at large is AWARD OF CONTRACTS, government and government agencies have scrapped public works departments and direct labor agencies, which involves the citizens directly to a job with security and welfare. Now the multinational will take up contract, and flood the job with mechanics and technicians on training who are learning by supervision, they will be termed expatriate workers, this contracts might be completed or may not be completed but the budget depleted by the awarder of the contracts and their contractors, this contractors form aliens with our leaders to steal our monies to western countries, which will be latter converted to investment and properties for the leaders. It is only in Africa that leaders steals their country’s money and carry them to another country for safekeeping. The white men have supported our leaders to steal our monies into their countries for the purpose of their development; the economy of the western world is dependent on Africa’s resources. The white man’s presence in Africa has done more harm to us than good, they are nationalist, and they are not here for the interest of Africans but their country’s interest. Most African countries are independent ‘’yes’’ but they are still independently dependent on western country’s policies and rules. In Nigeria for instance, when Nigeria took IMF LOAN in late 1986,/87 some of the conditions were that Nigeria should

·            Cut down on labor

·            Sack her citizens from work

·            Devalue the naira to enable investment

·            Scrap public institutions

·            Award contracts to encourage investors. (Ask a noble question, How many investors that have invested in Nigeria since the IMF LOAN) This is April de fool deception on Nigerians.

Nigeria obeyed, scrapped public works department, direct labor agencies, cut down on ministerial work force, various levels of job are now handled through contracts which are about 80% in favor of multi nationals, most of this contracts are handled 70% foreign currency and 30% local currency, the larger share is paid in their countries of origin while the 30% used for administration, salaries and logistics in the clients country, equipment costs are paid abroad, expatriate salaries also paid abroad, the client country gain little or nothing from this contract in terms of personnel costs, taxes and materials. Since the devaluation of the naira, how many investments have the white man brought to Nigeria, rather they have dissertated the market place in Africa, Some of the ways that they operate are as follows.

·            Source Documentation

·            Epic Contracts

The multi nationals has collapsed the African market as a result of source documentation, they scrapped

·            Partnerships

·            Distributorships

·            Commission Agencies. Etc.

They form monopoly market, where they have sub offices in client’s countries to control the market; this means that the multinational deals directly with the consumers through their sub offices in the client countries. They employ skeletal work force to carry out their operations, denying the client citizens to benefiting from their product and services, even if a local contractor is invited in a bid with the multi nationals, he is expected to provide a verifiable agreement, or memorandum of understanding from the manufacturer who will give the same price that he gave to the final consumer to the local contractor who, will mark up the price with some percentage as profit, administration and logistics. It is pertinent to note here that there is no competition, it is a walk over transaction, but if it were to be in the era of agencies, distributorships, commission agencies, there are some percentage that is allowed as discount, which forms basis for competition in the market place.

Epic Contract

Epic contract is defined as Engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning. The multinational has planned this to keep the economy of the western world active and kill the Africa market; they empower their factories and manufacturing companies, and closed down these sectors in the Africa market place. In this EPIC CONTRACT, the whole contract package from Engineering/Designs to commissioning is packaged for one company to execute. The requirements to qualify for these contracts, not more than 5% of African businessmen can afford it, the capital base to execute this project are high, few African banks can back these projects. Now in the early 80s and 90s, such contracts were splitted in such a manner that about 50 companies of different origins and backgrounds, different areas of specialties will participate in biddings/winning, including Africa’s owned companies, and these contracts attracts the companies from this different countries to establish offices in the country of execution, thereby empowering such countries economy in many ways, employment wise, transportation, importation of their equipment through the sea ports, create jobs and businesses, foreign funds are brought into such countries for the execution of such jobs. The government benefits in so many ways, people are being trained and empowered technically and otherwise. Small enterprises have opportunities to do business, in form of material supplies, labor supplies and consultancies. In the late 90s when Epic contract concept come into play, these contracts are awarded to multi nationals in their countries of origin especially, Aberdeen, America, Canada, Germany, France, U.S.A, and others, these companies claim that there are youth disturbance, environmental hazards, no security, and various other reasons that they gave, for not executing such Jobs fully in the Client’s country, they carried out about 80-90% of the total job in their countries and bring to Africa finished goods, products or equipment which is to be on the site for commissioning, with little or no Africa participations. Now the Africans leaders are canvassing for foreign investors, how can they come when they can stay in their country and tidy the contracts and execute them with ease? With full benefit to their country’s economy. The transfer of fund ranging 80-90% of these contracts to foreign companies in their country’s is a ‘’CAPITAL FLIGHT’’ it is pertinent to note here that EPIC CONTRACTS are fraud to African countries, and cannot encourage technological transfer, it cannot boost our economy, it does not encourage entrepreneurship. African leaders should cancel EPIC CONTRACT in Africa, especially in the Oil industries in Africa sub regions. I observed that foreigners fuel community crisis in other to have claim that African environment is not safe for work, (they tagged it hazardous environment) thereby maintaining hold of executing these jobs in their countries. I went to a company in Port Harcourt, Nigeria to purchase drilling tool, the company is having her head office and factory in Aberdeen, the Nigeria manager told me that he cannot give me the price of that item, and cannot also sell to me, I asked why,? are you not selling them, he said, yes we are selling them, but we cannot give it to you because you are a competitor, that the end user, which is my clients, a multinational company should come to them directly, I was shocked, I asked him why again, he said that if his manager in Aberdeen get information that he sold the material to a competitor, he will be sacked from his job. This is a Nigerian man representing the company in Nigeria but reports daily to his manager in far Aberdeen, this is the problem in Africa market place, this means you have to be a manufacturer of such tools before you can deal on it. This is a monopoly market, not good for developing countries.

To Kill

And it came to pass in the morning, that David wrote a letter to Joab, and sent it by the hand of u-riah. And he wrote in the letter, saying, set you U-riah in the fore front of the hottest battle, and retire from him, that he may be smitten, and die. And it came to pass, when Joab observed the city, which he assigned U-riah unto a place where he knew that valiant men were. And the men of the city went out and fought with Joab and there fell some people of the servants of David: and U-riah the Hittite died also. 2nd  Sam 11:14-17,King David, the territorial leader of Israel committed a crime which is not honorable to his throne, he took Bath-Sheba, Uriah’s wife and laid with her, she conceived. Because, this act is not honorable to the man on the throne, he has to cover it up by sending Uriah to the war front to be killed there. In African setting, the leaders operate thugry ship and killer squads. If a crime is committed by a notable personality or government official, if this crime will be a trait to his office and personality or have adverse effect on his political career, such crime must be covered, secrete must be kept secret, how do they, do this, anybody or persons who have information or pre knowledge of the crime must be eliminated from the way, an adage says that, any secrete that is known by two person is no longer secrete. This is the reason why there is increase in cultism, thuggery, hired assassins and armed robbery. Satan loves secrete and the only way for him to preserve secrete is by killing, destroy and steal. Satan also have another way of killing which is spiritual and untraceable, Satan inspire men to go to altars and shrine where a man have covenant, there his life lies. God spoke to me one day, he said to me, son ‘’LIFE IS IN COVENANT’’

He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believeth in the name of the only begotten son of God.

Covenant with devil is death sentence while covenant with God is life everlasting and fulfillment, men that have covenant with the devil are afraid of their lives on daily basis, because any mistake with the devil means death, agents of devil and their followers are always serious in their dealings with their master Satan. Because mistake or disobedient has serious price, which is death, there is no forgiveness. The life of such ones is in his hands, he decides whether they live or die, whether they are healthy or sick. The agents and followers of the devil are always given sacrifices, redeeming their vows to appease the devil to spear their lives and keep their properties and things, when this people are consulted for, in Satan’s altars, they will appear easily, this also depends on the altars they belong, and the level of sacrifice they have performed, In satanic kingdom, there is power tussle, the higher you go, the safer you becomes, or more powerful you becomes.

Believers have life eternal, they belongs to the ‘’lambs altar’’ which is in heaven alone for now, the king of the altar is Jehovah.

Because, true lamb’s altar is higher than any other altar, both in the realms of the spirit and on earth, under the earth and under the water, true believers cannot be invoking into satanic altars, for judgment. Because true believers are hidden in Christ and Christ in God, so when you invoke them, Jesus will respond by fire or the blood, and the gathering of Satan and his agents will scatter. Their lives cannot be destroyed by satanic agents, their properties and things are insured in Jesus Christ blood.

To Destroy

This is a very strong ministry of Satan, if he fails to steal from you or to kill you, he will tend to destroy your properties and things. In a community setting, when there is crisis between two communities, you will notice that the three fold ministry of Satan will be complete, they will kill, both children and adults, they will loot peoples properties and things, and finally destroy things, they will set markets on fire, set public and private buildings on fire, burn cars and various kinds of properties worth millions and billions of naira. Satan also destroys to keep secrets, in government circle, when officials of government commits crime, or embezzle public fund, they will plan and set buildings on fire, so that the documents and data that are relating to the crime will be destroyed, sometimes government will set up panels of enquiry into such incidents and nobody will be found, you will only hear that electrical appliance were the reason for the fire

Analysis Of What That Has Happened To African Continent

Witchcraft, sales a nation. Nahum 3:4

By the blessing of the upright, the city is exalted: but it is over thrown by the mouth of the wicked. Proverb 11:11, righteousness exalted a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverb 14:34

It is an abomination for kings to commit wickedness: for the throne is establishment by righteousness. Proverb 16:12.

We can see by this scriptures out lined above, what went wrong in Africa, the upright is not given chance in the city, neither in government nor on the throne of authority, but the wicked reigns in the city, seats on the throne of authority, and governs the city.

Therefore, instead of the nation of Africa being exalted in the midst of abundant resources in the coast of Africa, she is reproached, laid in shame and disgrace, aliens eat the fruit of the land, and wickedness reigns supreme.

The kings of Africa commit wickedness, and establish their thrones on unrighteousness, steal the wealth of their Nations and Transfer them to other Nations of the world , while their citizens mourn and cry.

I am Vineyard Minister: Apostle Gerald Glory Ohanu

Priesthood and Eldership Ministry Africa ---  General Coordinator

City Of The Lord Evangelical Ministry        ---  General Overseer