Jesus!. A Dad flogged his 18 year old daughter for joining a group chat he warned her against

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A dad flogged his 18 year old daughter for joining a group chat he warned her against.

"Train up a child in the way he should grow and when he grows he shall not depart from it".

Strict Parenting in Nigeria is one thing that every child should be proud to have. In Nigeria, parents are known for scolding their children whenever they do wrong. Before a parent should flog a child, he would have warned that child two or three times to stop doing the evil he is doing.

This Nigerian father has flogged his own daughter because she joined a group chat that he warned her not to join. Nobody knows for sure the group chat she joined, whether it's a s** group chat or so. This recent scolding by her father has received so many reactions by Nigerians. Some say it was irresponsible for her father to have flogged her, while others say that it was good that her father flogged her because if he didn't, she would continue with her disobedience.

Some say that if it were to be in America, her father cannot beat her because he will be locked off. But We are in NIGERIA not America, so the father has every right to scold her.

I also read a funny comment by a Nigerian that said that "Because she's 18 years old, her father should not flog her since she's an adult". I see this comment as bad because even if she's 18 years old, she still stays under her parents' roof and until she leaves her parents' house, she's not an adult!.

People have thanked the father for scolding her because if he did not scold her, she might go astray in the long run, in the sense that she might end up being a nuisance in the society and for this, blame will be put on her parent's head that they do not play their responsibility as good parents to her.

What can you say about this?. Do you think it was right that her father flogged her or he shouldn't have done nothing?.


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