Opinion: Why Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu Should Be Celebrated

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Philip Shaibu is the deputy governor of Edo state. He hails from Ikpe in Uzairue, Etsako West local government area in Edo state.

Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu

He is truly an epitome of loyalty as he shunned evil and remained loyal to Obaseki even though he and Adams Oshiomhole hail from the same local government area.

He also lost the election in his own local government area to the All Progressives Congress.

Even Obaseki could testify of his loyalty as he said a month or two ago at the palace in Uzairue. He said,

"My deputy, who is your son, has been so loyal and helpful to my administration.."

Loyalty and trustworthiness is a characteristic that should adopted by each and every politician both in and out of the country.

Philip Shaibu once said himself that his loyalty to Governor Godwin Obaseki was unwavering.

He added that Adams Oshiomhole's grouse with him was because he failed to do his bidding and that the ex-APC chairman had asked him to help in impeaching Governor Obaseki.

He said that the ploy was to remove governor Obaseki at the onset and replace him with his deputy, but he said he refused, stating that it was not his “will nor nature” to betray.

He also added that he will fight to the very last to ensure that Obaseki is defended, the same way he defended Oshiomhole when there were plots against him in Edo State.

It can also be recalled that he once said:

“Politics has a way of letting you know the inner recess of the human mind.

“My loyalty to Governor Obaseki is sacrosanct and not debatable. No amount of blackmail or propaganda can stop me from serving the interest of the Governor and Edo people.

“I am solidly with Governor Obaseki. It is a joint ticket and we will make sure we win the September 19 governorship election in Edo State.”

Truly he is a true democrat, a loyal politician, a man who believed in due course and a man who refused to betray his boss.

There's something all politicians can learn from Philip Shaibu and that once again is the act of loyalty till the end.

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