Harmonize's Manager Reply To Diamond's Manager Referring To Harmonize As Infertile


Harmonize and Diamond Platinumz have been having issues and their beef is getting tough day by day. Earlier today, Diamond's manager took to his Instagram account to indirectly insult Harmonize's and referred to him as Infertile.

Source Instagram

He wrote addressing Harmonize on the case that is ongoing of Kajala's daughter and Rayvanny in that, Harmonize went to the police station forcing his fellow artists to be arrested. But because the rules of the country are not in his hands, he was forced to again run to the media pretending to ask for a solution on the matter and prays for his fellow artist not to have a problem with the law. He wrote, "Ndugu panya" we don't need your prayers. He added that maybe he should take it to the hospital so that he can be able to raise his own child ,"lakini sio mtoto was kukodiwa."

Harmonize's Manager who is a white lady from Germany replied calmly to the accusations and wrote, " it is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubts of it." Her message has raised a number of mixed reactions online as many have seen her move to be mature for choosing to withdraw in the back and forth bickering between the two by choosing to remain silent.

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