Anele Mdoda and Israel Zulu left uMzansi speechless after posting these pictures together on social

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Anele Mdoda is a South African professional Dj, Radio host and tv presenter.

Anele is from Eastern Cape province in a famous village of Umthatha. Currently she's 37 years old she'll be celebrating her 38 birthday on the 19th of May. 

Is Thembisa Mdoda related to Anele Mdoda? Yes, Thembisa Mdoda and Anele Mdoda are related. They are sisters; Thembisa is the elder one. Thembisa was born on 16th November 1982 and at the time of writing this, she is thirty-nine years old. 

Personally Anele have a young handsome boy Alakhe with her most famous relationship with Thandile but sadly the couple slipped up. 

Israel Mokoe Zulu is a Mzansi actor, artist, dancer and poetry who's from Alexandra township located in Johannesburg province.

Without a doubt one of the most successful South African actor and also an legend. 

His recently appearance on screen was on Gomora Mzansi Magic drama series as Donny the criminal. 

Check out recently stunning photos of Anele Mdoda and Israel Mokoe together and Mzansi was left impressed. 


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