Check Out Top 4 Candidates That Might Be In Race To Emerge APC Flagbearers As 2023 Draws Nearer


The 2023 Presidential election is no longer far from now. At the moment, a lot of people are already gearing up and setting up structures for them to emerge successfully as candidates of their respective parties. 

Today, we will take a look at four possible candidates that might emerge as favourites to represent APC in the next presidential Elections.As we all know, President Muhammadu Buhari will be completing his second tenure soon and as such, he won't be eligible to contest again. In that regards, the possibility of him emerging as candidate is ruled out.

Below are the five likely Candidates that might emerge successfully as flag bearers.

1. Mai Mala Buni: He is the executive governor of Yobe state. He has been a core member of the All Progressive Congress in the North for a long time now and as such, he has a lot of people backing him up.

Mai Mala Buni is currently a caretaker commitee Chairman for the All Progressive Congress. He took up the position after Adams Oshiomhole was ousted from office. He is a strong contender.

2. Bola Tinubu:This is another major candidate that might emerge as flag bearer for the All Progressive Congress. He is known by many as one of the most prominent politician in the country. Bola Tinubu has a lot of fan base. He is loved and followed by many.

Infact, he is the frontline candidate for the All Progressive Congress.

3. Kayode Fayemi: Kayode Fayemi is the executive governor of Ekiti state. He is a lawmaker who is well vast in Politics. He is also the current chairman of the Nigerian governors forum.

Kayode Fayemi has a strong fan base and as such, he might emerge successfully as candidate.

4. Yemi Osinbajo:As funny as it might sound, Yemi Osinbajo is another strong candidate for APC 2023 presidential race. Although he has been reasonably quiet for a long time now, he should not be overlooked or downplayed because, he surely has plans for himself.

Below are the four likely flag bearers of the All Progressive Congress.

Which is them do you think is more qualified?

Kindly drop to the comments section and share your views and thoughts with us.


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