ANC led by Cyril suspended this whistleblower Mervyn Dirks

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Zondo said that lawmakers who expose corruption should be shielded from expulsion from their political parties. The Ramaphosa-led ANC expelled this whistleblower.

State Capture includes the purge of lawmakers who speak out against corruption. Just what did he blow the whistle on? Instead of releasing the recording, he merely wrote a letter to Scopa.

There has been no leak; he is a member of a political faction. Is factionalism illegal in South Africa? Because when? Display the relevant scriptures. In a representative democracy, there will always be subgroups within the major political parties. At the very least, every political party includes members who identify with the right, the center, and the left. What stratcom tells you to say, you repeat verbatim without question. Read my tweet please, I'm not a mind reader; he's not a whistleblower and what he did was in service to his faction, not the public interest. Since I can't read minds, I'll never presume to understand another person's motivations. On the other hand, if his story is truthful, his motivation doesn't matter. Whether motivated by love or hate, Gerrit, you're still a murderer.

Do not believe what Acting SSA DG Loyiso Jafta and other Intelligence personnel have said to the State Capture Commission about Marwyn Dirks. What does it mean when someone acts as a "whistleblower?" You can't take part in the wrongdoing or you'll soon find yourself in the role of whistleblower when you're fired. In South Africa, if two persons commit a crime together and one of them blows the whistle on the other, the informer gets the credit. For the most part, that is correct. An Eskom attorney who reported wrongdoing was disciplined and ultimately fired. This individual did not act as a whistleblower; rather, he just laid charges in an open case. Clip from the NEC conference. What you have here is not whistleblowing; he has provided no concrete evidence to support the claim that he is a whistleblower. Do you even know what a whistleblower is? This is what's responsible for battling Jacob Zuma's fights. Just to test whether the Chief there will put up with such crap, grant him an EFF membership and use him as a political instrument to drive a cause.

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