5 Things Every Lady Should Avoid Doing During Her Period

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Menstruation period is another distinct time every lady has to be careful about what she does and consumes. We all know that menstruation periods are not fun but what you do goes a long way to contribute to how it goes. Monthly cycles don’t just ruin our underwear, but they also can wreak havoc in our lives if not properly managed. PMS (premenstrual syndrome) can also bring with it this stream of emotions. 

During menstruation, so many ladies take some time off and pamper themselves, visit the salon, get a back massage, indulge in sinful sweets, and also speculate that these calories don’t count. But studies have shown that there have been doing it all wrong. Certain things should be avoided when a lady is menstruating and these are scientifically backed. Some of those things include;

1. Don't eat a salty snack

Eating salary snacks is not good for your health during menstruation. Even if you’re having the ultimate craving for French fries or a pack of chips, avoid it. Salty food can make your period symptoms worse. Eating salty foods will also aggravate bloating and worsen the period cramps. Avoid eating it during menstruating to stay healthy.

2. Don’t eat or drink dairy

Even if you have the craving for this food, leave it till your period is over. Dairy should not your friend during this particular time. Eating or drinking dairy products will make you feel all the gassier. This has nothing to do with your tolerance to dairy products but has everything to do with your hormones. If you wish to avoid experiencing irritable bowel and cramping, say no to dairy. You also need to be careful so you don't consume dairy products. 

3. Don’t have unprotected intercourse

Unprotected sex during your menstrual cycle is unhealthy and should be avoided. If you’re someone who believes that a good romp in the sheets will help you glide through the leaked week, then you should ensure that you use protection. Care should be taken to use protection because blood is a great carrier for viruses and other bacteria to grow. So, when you’re busy having a good time, the blood might act against you by carrying a hazardous virus in it. 

Furthermore, when on your period, the cervix is narrowly dilated and thus it becomes simpler for viruses and bacteria to be conveyed from the cervix to the vagina and further to the pelvis. Also, it’s important to note that unprotected sex is never a good idea. Just because you’re menstruating, it doesn’t mean that you’re not at the risk of pregnancy. If you are someone who has irregular periods, your ovulation and bleeding could be ensuing at the same time. The use of protection is non-negotiable during menstruation. 

4. Don't stay awake all night 

Not getting adequate sleep can heighten the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body. This increased level of stress can make your period a bad experience for you. Always find time to rest during menstruation. 

5. Don’t indulge in caffeine

There is nothing wrong with the intake of coffee but you need to restrict your Intake of it during your period. Caffeine can heighten the degree of your cramps and can make you feel irritated. Also, try to avoid foods that are high in caffeine. 



Every woman should adhere to the tips of this article. 

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