Most Dating Proposal Fail Because Of This - For Guys


Why you are not successful with ladies, is because you are paying no mind to certain things that speak than your perceived kind gestures. Below are some reasons why women don't like you.

Living in uninspiring life. If you always hang around with boys all the time, playing video games, she doesn't see you doing anything worthy and in as much as ladies like guys who are fun, they also like guys who are ambitious. And you cant have a longer stronger relationship because anybody doesn't want to associate with losers. They want to see something better like always trying and wanting to achieve something to change circumstances. ladies are found attractive to such guys.

Over flattering. Remember, not all women like this behavior especially at a party or with friends, some maybe even turn off by it. And if you are very expressive about women's attributes, you could be losing one big-time on women who do not appreciate that kind of conversation so pay much attention to the way you approach women do directly and start complimenting her body. She wants you to think you are interested in her beyond her physical stuff.

Too arrogant. This mostly happens to a lot of self-made men who achieved something without the assistance of anyone. For facts, confidence is sexy because the only thin line of being confident and segueing into arrogant is how you interact with the woman met and it comes as a big turn-off because people who are arrogant are self-absorbed. It matters a lot when you care about her, thinks of her dreams, and how you can make input in her life.

Your appearance. All ladies show much interest in decent guys who are well shaved, have their life organized, and smells good. For every lady to show off her boyfriend, they try as much as possible for her guy to wear the best cloth, smell good, and look decent. Fact, not all good-looking guys are good as you see because some portray bad behavior at the end of the day despise he is a handsome guy . Even a shabby lady or man won't look for a partner as he or she is. This will push women away from you.

You Talk too much. Ladies detest guys who seem to know everything for that matter they dont buy in the opinion of their ladies because they can figure it out. Nobody wants to know it more and there are a lot of guys who in their quest to impress ladies go overboard and at the end of the day, they even tell people how they should feel. Ladies get bored when you dont know when and how to stop talking and that will turn you off.

Too Clingy. This depends on the relationship with the lady whether for long or short. She doesn't want you always in her space. It's nice to check up on her once or twice a day but when it grows to be something big that always you want to be with her, not giving her space to breathe, you're just giving commands, dont go out with your friends, dont answer that guys call and a whole lot.