[+VIDEO]: Rev. Father Caught Pants Down Bonking A Lady In The Church Premises.

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As they youth of late go astray in so many ways, it is if high expectation that, people in authority like chiefs, powerfully men of God and other elders are to ensure these individuals are brought back on track but what do we see? These elders surprisingly are also indulging in same act as the youth do which creates no room for counselling one another. We have seen videos of adults, men of God and others doing the unthinkable. Two months ago, a video of a pastor having an affair with his church member secretly in the church premises surfaced online which caused series of stirs. Another video of a reverend father doing sake has surfaced and I bring to you in this article.

In this article, I bring to you a viral video on social media which has got many Christians angered for it speaks bad about the relics as a whole. The video displays a scenes filmed secretly where a man of God was seen removing the underpants of a lady for which he went ahead to have an affair with her as well in the church premises. They both tried covering their faces and wearing their clothes quickly but never did they know they were being filmed without their notice. This video has indeed caused a lot reactions as many users jabbed this so called man of God. Watch video via the link below:


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