10 signs your relationship is fading


1Communicatin is becoming less. If the communication goes from steady to slowing down and then it doesn't go back to normal, he could be pulling the slow fade on you.

2 Arguments are more than lovely talks.

3 Actions are different from the words.

4 Priorities have changed. He makes plans with you and then cancells on you on the last minute. At first you may give him benefit of doubt but this becomes clear when it becomes an habit.

5 Excuses are more.

6 Intimacy is zero.

7 Appreciation has faded

8 Texts and calls have become from 100 to 10. He might take ages to respond to your texs or dissapear on you in the middle of a conversation.

9 He has a new group of friends. He starts to spend less time with you and more time with people you have never heard of or seen before.

10 You feel like something is off. Trust your gut.

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