Public Outcry After Bandits Kills Several People In Kerio Valley (Video)

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Area residents from Kerio Valley took it to the streets on the recent insecurity in the area. This was after four people were killed on different attacks by bandits who had raided the region.

The area residents challenged the government to `heal` the scars of banditry in Kerio Valley. They pleaded with President Uhuru Kenyatta to act up first before the situation gets out of hand.

(Image of Kerio Valley area residents protesting)

According to a video shared by sources, a woman speaks with pain on how the government has neglected them despite casting their votes for different government officials.

She was upset that the armed bandits were taking advantage of them for not possessing weapons. This was after the government directed that all area residents to surrender their weapons to security officers.

She further compounds that the attack was a result of the political division in Kenya. She alleges that the president is focused in politics rather than ensuring that the people of Kerio Valley are safe.

Despite the government deploying army troops a few months ago on the region to curb tribal clashes, the war is not over.

May God protect the people of Kerio Valley from the deadly bandits. Video link:

Every Kenyan should enjoy the right of security. The government should intervene and ensure that the bandits are arrested and charged in court.

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