Content Creator Pluto Is Over The Moon, As He Reaches This Number Of Subscribers On You Tube

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Pluto is just a twenty two year old student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology studying economics. Apart from Pluto being a student, Pluto is also an upcoming Content Creator who is hitting the internet by storm. Pluto started becoming super active on You Tube a few months ago.

Pluto's dedication and hardwork has enabled him to have a lot of subscribers. Pluto is also a very talented content creator and an entertainer too. This is why Pluto is able to attract a lot of people daily.

Just a few weeks ago Pluto celebrated reaching one hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube and was awarded the silver button. However today Pluto is celebrating himself for having reached three hundred thousand subscribers. Pluto has thanked his fans lots for the support and love. Pluto has said that the journey of Content creation is not easy and he is only able to do it by God's grace. See Screenshot of Pluto's post below.

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