Raila or Ruto? Mizani Release Opinion Polls on Preferred Presidential Candidate in Nairobi

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Image Courtesy : The opinion polls and survey conducted by Mizani Africa on Nairobi's preferred presidential candidate.

We are left with only less than sen months to August General Elections. A lot is happening in political arena as we approached to election day, this includes ditching of old parties for new parties, formation of alliances, political betrayals and intolerances between Kenyans supporting different candidates.

Deputy President William Ruto and Orange Democratic Movement party leader are among the key contenders in 2022 race. The two are leading the pack in presidential race. Ruto will be using United Democratic Alliance party as his vehicle to in bid to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta who is exiting office in August.

The two candidates have sell their manifestos to Kenyans through their campaigns and Kenyans have now made up their minds on who to elect. According to Mizani Africa polls that was conducted in Nairobi County, Raila Odinga is leading with 42.1% followed by Deputy President William Ruto with 32.4% with Musalia Mudavadi coming the third 3.1%.

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