'Alaaaaaaar' Kenyans React To Eric Omondi's Latest Creative Advertisement With 50 Shillings


Eric Omondi Photo Courtesy

Eric Omondi's is the most celebrated comedian in Kenya and East Africa at large. His high level of creativity has proven him to be the best when it comes to advertising products.

The comedian video has gone viral leaving Kenyans in awe. Eric was seen burying a 50 shilling note in soil. Which he later sprinkled water on it and laid a side waiting to harvest.

Later on he was seen plucking thousand notes from a tree which was full money. From the advertisement he made it look so real and everyone was left wishing that life was that simple.

Some of his fans said if that was the only thing needed to get rich they would be working so hard in digging and planting.

Mtunecessary "Maisha ingekuwa hivi ningekuwa nafanya kazi kwa bidii sana nikipanda mbegu ya 50".

Others praised him for making clean and great contents each and everyday making him remain relevant in the entertainment industry.

Dunda "Yaani huyu msee alison content, new content daily".

Gentrixjamba "Adverts never go wrong with this guy".

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