Four Ways In Which Office Affairs Can Spell Trouble For You


Extramarital affairs in the workplace have become more common than ever. Offices have people of opposite sexes having frequent interaction with each other, discussing their daily lives and gradually becoming intimate emotional. What starts as a casual work friendly soon blossom into an emotional affairs and eventually leads to two people having extramarital affairs in the office. Risking not just their jobs but family lives too.

Office affairs can lead to absenteeism. If you have breakup with the affair partner, obviously you will not want to run into that person, but if you are working together, then avoiding that person will be difficult. To avoid meeting your ex in the workplace, you might avoid coming to work and this will lead to continuous absenteeism.

You can end up losing your job. This happen if your company has policies against office affairs or has clear rules regarding office affairs which your partner and you fail to follow.

Your affair can destroy an already established relationship. This is for those of you who have a relationship with a married person. It will be very shameful if your affair with a married person destroys a long and serious relationship they had with their significant other.

It can create an extremely hostile environment. Your colleagues might not be very happy with the ideal of you dating the boss or another colleague. They might show their disapproval by making things difficult for you in the workplace and create a hostile work environment for you.