Confirmed: 4 hours left for Level 5 lock down as Ramaphosa speaks tonight

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Panic has set in countrywide as the nation awaits to hear what President Cyril Ramaphosa has to say.

Th Presidency has just announced that the President will address the nation tonight at 8pm.

South Africa is now amidst a second wave of the coronavirus, death rate has increased and number of confirmed positive cases is also soaring, which could only mean one thing- Hard Lockdown. 

The coronavirus continues to claim more lives, leaving many more in Intensive Care Units, battling for survival and the economy in a fumbling position. 

Last week alone, the country experienced approximately 100 000 new Covid-19 cases. An alarming 20 000 new cases were recorded in just one single day.

This definitely shows that the new second wave is more dangerous and deadly than the first wave. The number of deaths have also passed the 30 000 mark

The SA Government, after consulting different stake holders now have a dilemma to either let people die to save the economy or let the economy die and save the people. With criticism coming from opposition parties and businesses alike, President Ramaphosa will tread slowly in this case.

President Ramaphosa has faced legal battle from banning tobacco and now from SAB following the banning of alcohol sales from last December.

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