"I'm Not in Illuminati na Sijawai Toa Kafara" KRG the Don Says

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KRG has come out openly to denie the romours spreading online that he is a member of the secret society, known as Illuminati. KRG, who is very famous because of his wealth and lavish lifestyle, said that he makes his money via legal ways and he has never thought of joining Illuminati.

KRG said if Magix joined Illuminati and it is working for him well then that is good for him and everyone has his own way of being successful in life.

KRG continued by saying that he has never thought of joining Illuminati, he strongly believes in God. He said that he can't try to sacrifice someone for money, he always work smart and hard to earn his own money.

He said that those who are jealous because he is rich, should also look for their own money and live the lavish life he is currently living.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.


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