Details: Don't Be Deceived By Education Because Education Can't Make You Succeed In Life- Obinim


International God's Way Church (IGWC), Ghana is an illustrious church foundered by Bishop Daniel Obinim.

Bishop Daniel Obinim is known professionally as Angel Obinim or Angle One. This is because of how miraculous he does his works.

As a matter of fact, Angel Obinim's name can't be left out when appending names of opulent men of God in today's Ghana.

With that, he's well known and recognized everywhere in Ghana and Africa as a vast continent.

In point of fact, Bishop Daniel Obinim has released his great advice as well as caution to everyone on this earth expecially Ghanaians.

According to Bishop Daniel Obinim (Angel Obinim), no body on this earth should put his or her trust in education or qualifications thinking that his or her educational qualifications will make him prosper.

In addition, the only thing that can make you succeed in life is God therefore, you need to put your trust in God and believe in him and that's all. Angel Obinim.

Eventually, there are numerous professors in Ghana who doesn't even have their own house to sleep in talkless of a car. Angel Obinim advised.