OPINION| R22 million can reinforce social cohesion by feeding and housing the poor

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It seems to me that it is a phrase based on some illusionary hope at best, it is a simply amorphous phrase a hope that one day a miracle will happen, where we will wake up and find a true nation delivered to us without us having lifted a finger to achieve that. Building a nation requires full commitment by those we have elected into office, to design and drive programs that are aimed at building a nation, the program so designed, has to involve, first and foremost, those who are to benefit from it. 

In designing such a program, it is important to recognize that we are starting from the basis of an unequal society a divided society based on different socioeconomic conditions, a society of the haves and the have nots, a society where public services are distributed on an unequal basis. It is therefore naive to think you can build a society by simply celebrating freedom day once every year by erecting 200 meter National flags; or even changing names of various sites without fundamentally attempting to change the material conditions of the downtrodden, that type of glue isn't adhesive enough for the have and the have not to stick together for longThe downtrodden have aspirations they compare themselves with those they have always admired. Those communities who also had poor sections but still had decent housing, running water, good public health and education systems and good security the downtrodden's aspirations were nowhere near those who lived extraordinary, opulent lives they just aspired to to have access to the basic decent services that will give them dignity and restore their humanity. 

Today, even what government regards as basic services, are rejected by the poor because those services don't offer any humanity nor dignity. Those amongst the poor majority who are lucky enough to secure a decent paying job, would rather seek medical treatment from private hospitals; they would rather take their children to private schools, even if they can barely afford it. Therefore, this idea or notion of social cohesion will never achieve what it purports to, as that project is meant to achieve an artificially created nation whose sole purpose is to salve the consciences of those who, most probably don't even understand the purpose of their officeshttps://ewn.co.za/2022/05/26/gungubele-commends-mthethwa-for-r22m-flag-meant-to-reinforce-social-cohesion

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