Ways to make your first date great


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So she finally said yes and you're on your first date.

Nervous? Don't be. Half the battle is won. Now to win the war. The gloves are off and you're both in neutral territory.

First things first, Plan for the date in advance. Make sure to pick out a public place where she's comfortable.You could also ask for her opinion on a few spots that are more her scene. Image used for illustrative purpose

Be punctual for your date. Do not keep her waiting. It can be frustrating for her thinking that she got stood up or worse.

Two, chivalry is not dead, go all the way out to be a gentleman, get her flowers, open doors, pull up chairs, curtsy, rom-com stuff. Complement her, on how the dress she wore matches her eyes, that sort of thing. Flattery will take you places. No inappropriate jokes. Chauvinism and patriarchy can take a back seat on this one.

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Third, keep it casual and light , ask simple questions, what does she do? Her favourite colour? Her favourite pet? Her best childhood memories? No how many kids in future? or long term goals, blah, blah, blah.

Fourth, be corny, they love it when we're all googly eyed for them. Be cheesy. Look at the night sky, point to the brightest star, gaze into her dreamy eyes and say, "You know? That's the brightest star but it doesn't compare to You!"

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Fifth, if she offers, let her pay. If you have to insist, split the costs 50/50. Feminism goes a long way.

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Lastly, take her home. No under the belt stuff. Thank her for her time, bid her adieu and be on your way. Be sure to check that she gets in safe before you leave.

I almost forgot, be the first to say hi next time when you text (probably the next day). It's ok to check up on her and request for a second round.

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