Do not conduct exams but deduct money from Capitation Grant - GES to District Directors


The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our education system. This has forced the Ghana Education Service to roll out semester programme for all Junior High Schools in the country for the next three academic years. However primary schools who are still on the old trimester system are expected to vacate on Friday 16th April, 2021.

Reports making rounds indicate that the Ghana Education Service has released a statement about the conduct of terminal examination. The statement admonished key stakeholders like District Directors and Heads of Basic schools not to conduct or organise any terminal examination.

The statement was released today, Wednesday 31st of March, 2021 and signed by the Deputy Director General of Ghana Education, Quality and Access, Dr. Kwabena Bempa Tandoh. The statement read, "Following the reopening of schools for the 2021 academic year, management directored that all KG to JHS students participate in recovery learning. Management wishes to inform all heads of schools that there should be no end of term examination at Basic school level (KG to JHS) "

The statement further directored that stationery to be used at the District Offices should be procured by deducting funds from the Capitation Grant of Basic schools." Management further wishes to inform District Directors and School Heads that the existing arrangement for stationery use at the Offices, which is to be deducted from the schools' capitation grant allocation remain in force".

Even though Basic School children have stayed at home for larger part of the last twelve months, the back and forth movement on the issue of examination is unclear.

Primary schools have gone practically two terms without examination. The effectiveness new curriculum must be tested through examination.

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