Thee Pluto's ex-girlfriend's photos that shows she is stunning and beautiful (photos)

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Felicity Wanjiru alias Felicity Shiru is the ex-girlfriend to Thee Pluto.

Thee Pluto with his ex-girlfriend


Robert Ndegwa alias Thee Pluto is a young YouTube content creator and a social influencer in Kenya.His YouTube channel is among the fastest growing YouTube channels in Kenya.

Thee Pluto introduced his girlfriend Felicity Wanjiru to the public last year on July in a show with Mungai Eve on her Channel.This is where Felicity claimed that at first she wanted to be friends with him.

In less than a year, the couple shocked people after Thee Pluto posted on his Instagram page that they broke up.Afterwards, Thee Pluto went live on his Youtube Channel to tell netizens what led to their break up.He confessed that he has never fell in love with anyone more than Felicity.

If you don't know Felicity Here are some of her photos that shows she is stunning and beautiful.She is a lady to be admired.Felicity has not yet announced that she is dating again so to all single men you can try your luck.


Can't you see she is beautiful??

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