Look twice before passing comment: 10 Time Effia Odo set pants on fire

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Efia comes from Juabeng in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Andrea Owusu is also known as Efia Odo was a U.S based assistant nurse who relocated to Ghana. She was born on the 18th of July 1993 and hails from Juaben in the Ashanti region of Ghana and is currently pursuing her passion for acting.

Andrea Owusu is also known as Efia Odo. She has played a number of roles in Ghanaian movies such as 'heels and sneakers'. Efia Odo was also a radio host on Okay FM and T.V presenter on Kwese T.V. Efia Odo is an actress and won the best actress in 2018.

Efia Odo has been uploading a lot of photo to her Instagram page and which she dress over a crop top which reveals the sensitive part of her boobs: nipples. Andrea Owusu frequently does that on social media and has a cult following due to her sexy body. "If I wanna be half-naked, I can wear a bikini down the street if I want to but I don't". That is what she said when she was in an interview.

There is no denying that the celebrity popularly calls Effia Odo likes to expose herself any chance that she gets. She has really caught the attention of a lot of Ghanaians especially those who follow celebrities' life.

Below are some pictures of Andrea Owusu who is massively known as Effia Odo

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