The TUC has urged African leaders to reconsider their migration policy.

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The International Trade Union Congress (TUC) is pushing African leaders to reconsider their views on migration.

It contended that, despite the remittances, governments have failed to implement policies that protect migrant workers' interests.

The TUC made the announcement in Abuja, Nigeria, at the 2022 Africa Trade Union Migration Network Training.

The symposium was convened at the United Nations Headquarters to examine policies aimed at addressing the issues that migrant workers face around the world.

The purpose of the meeting and training is to assure legal and equitable hiring practices, as well as to address racism, xenophobia, wage theft, and other forms of cruel treatment that migrant workers face.

According to Kennedy Achakoma, the group's coordinator, the issue of migration is linked to Africa's high unemployment rate.

"Unemployment puts innocent individuals into the hands of unscrupulous recruitment agencies; these unlawful recruitment firms exploit people's desperation and transport them to dangerous environments, where some even lose their lives." "As one Africa, we must strive to eliminate illicit labor migration," he stated.

Deputy General Secretary Akhator Joel Ogidie also criticized African leaders for the youth's decision to migrate to other countries.

He is confident that if they generate long-term jobs, no one will want to work in another country.

Mr. Ogidie advised African leaders to take a more proactive approach to migration issues in order to reduce illegal labor movement throughout the continent.


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