Jackie Matubia Rocks her Friends Birthday party with a Blue Killer Dress

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Good Friendship is a gift that is awarded very rarely and when you treasure the gift then you enjoy their fruits . Sometimes it hard to find friends who value you in their lives and it so easy to feel bad Everytime your friends don't value you and don't care what happens or the changes that happens in your life.

Jackie Matubia has proven to be a great friend to her dear friend Idah Alisha today as she has turned 30 years of her life as they celebrate her birthday with Care actress and her friends. Indeed she has proven it more than once especially when she was reunited with her after 7yeara out of the country when they welcomed her back at the airport. Today she has extremely looked so beautiful and so stunning at that birthday celebration.

Jackie Matubia the Kenyan Actress has revealed how beautiful her heart is by caring deeply for her friends. The public figure is expecting her second child and yet she still more healthy and strong to make time for her loved ones.

The birthday celebration was attended by her friends and among them was the Kenyan celebrity Cate Actress, @meggiel @izareeh @dzireo. They have all proven the role of good friendship. Actually it seems that it was a 12 years reunion of Tahidi high and Mother in law actresses. Fans have wished her an happy birthday and many more years to come.

Jackie Matubia was outstanding with a blue dress that has caught the attention of her her fans in complimenting positively about it.

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