DP Ruto Asks Raila And Uhuru To Apologize To Him

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Politics has become the talk of each and every other day as fresh details emerge on daily basis. This happens as politicians continue exposing each other under different circumstances for the things they did in the past. DP Ruto has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta and his friend Raila Odinga to apologise to him.

DP Ruto said the two men together with their allies should come and apologize to him for forcing Building Brigdes Initiative on him and the rest of the citizens.

Video Link: https://twitter.com/ntvkenya/status/1441114656794288128?s=09

"Those who pushed BBI on us, we demand an apology from them. We demand an apology from them because they sabotaged the big 4 plan that was supposed to create millions of jobs for ordinary people, that was supposed to create a universal health framework that was supposed to benefit millions of people," DP Ruto quoted.

DP Ruto said they sabotaged food investment strategies that was to uplift many farmers.

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