Katoto Hodari ! Beautiful Photos of Former Machachari Actress Sofia

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Sofia gained fame and popularity from her role in Machachari Series,that was so popular in the country some years back. She played the role of Almasi and Joy's nanny, she portrayed the characteristics of a caring and loving house help to them, and also acted as Madvds girlfriend. She was among the best characters who made Machachari to be loved by so many people. The girl is a talented actress .

Sofia's real name is Sharon Mutuku, she is married and the mother of two is glowing and Queening. She is a mom to two beautiful daughters Ivanna and Zamora, and motherhood journey has been so successful to her. Despite giving birth Sharon has maintained her flawless beauty one might think she is a teenage girl growing up, am important lesson to ladies that we should learn to take of ourselves, child giving should not be the reason.

Her beautiful photos have lit up the internet and her fans can't stop talking but congratulate her. Take a look at photos isn't she glowing share your thoughts.

Keep queening Sharon.

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