Things to avoid if you want your child to be bright in future


Parents need to be very careful about their children future on how they handle them and paving them for future. These is what to avoid being safe.

1:-Bad companies and peer pressure from social media.

Parents should be very, very careful how their children move, and how they behave while they are still at younger stage. Because at this state more so age of 12 and 18 is where children are beginning to behave awkwardly from here they will respond to their parents the way they like. At this stage they think they know everything and you can't correct them.

For parents that need aid for these children at this stage, its required parents to do a lot of counseling and if possible make them love God by going to church.

Most of the youths get enticed by the social media and even there a tire. You be surprised when it's half naked, and you won't do anything, if you want your child to be bright to drive their mind from what might lead them into world pleasure, and things that can't help them cause bad companies corrupt good moral.

2:- Taking alcohol or prohibited drugs

This goes direct to women or ladies who are are still giving birth. Alcohol usage kill cell of human body, apart from that it affects the child and the baby born might be malnourished. Children who are born while their parents are using this drugs more so pregnant women will not be bright as such. So parents should look onto this keenly and if possible to a void it completely.