'Chunga Mifupa Isivunjike' Fans Tell Comedian Njugush After He Uploaded His Latest Dance Video

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Comedy is one thing that keeps people entertained. For comedian Njugush, he has mastered the art and he has made it part of his day in routine. His real name is Timothy Kimani Ndegwa and his fans love him for the natural sensation that compliments his hilarious body expressions.

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Through his Instagram page, this comic has shared one of his latest dance videos with his online family. He was dancing so vigorously and his cap fell off from his head due to his dancing.

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Njugush was demonstrating how people used to dance during drama festivals back in high school and when their outfits fell, one did not pick it since it added their marks.

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He went ahead to give a story of a young lady whose leso fell during a performance and she did not have anything else on her. Despite the shame, this brave lady did not pick it up. Netizens have reacted to this funny narration and the vigorous dance moves.

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Some of those sarcastic comments made on the video he uploaded online read:

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Watch the dance video in the link provided below:


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