"We Met On A Dating Site And Got Married After 3 Days, This Is The 6th Year" - Couple Narrates



It is common to hear people say that they would like to know someone well before they get married. But that is not always the case. In this story we would be sharing with you how two people namely Pauline and Geoffrey, how they met online and got married 3 days later.

Their Love Story

Pauline and Geoffrey have narrated how they met on a Dating site known as tinder and they got married immediately after three days.

According to Geoffrey, he was introduced to tinder by a friend after he got divorced from his first marriage and that was when he met Pauline. Pauline on the other hand was in a relationship with a white guy then and the only reason why she joined tinder was to acquire followers.

Geoffrey claimed that at first Pauline would ignore his texts to her but he never gave up, according to him, he had a strong conviction that she was the one he would get married to.

After series of chats, they decided to meet each other. Geoffrey went to pick her from her place of work and took her out for lunch. That was what led to their marriage.

They are both still happily married after 6 years and their marriage is blessed with two lovely children. The couple also claim that they are happy that they met each other online.

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