Raila's 2022 Presidency Called By Fearless MP, Leaking Details On The Next President After Raila


Since Kenya gained it's independence in1963, it has never been ruled by a female president. It is common that most of the countries in the world are driven by men as head of states, where a few are led by women.Leaking detail, the female member of parliament has affirmed to be the first female president in Kenya. 

Leaking details, Mbita Constituency Member of Parliament Millie Odhiambo Mabone has affirmed to be the first female president in Kenya. MP Millie in his statement affirmed that she will be the head of State after ODM party boss Raila Odinga. 

According to MP Millie, she shall Succeed Raila Odinga as the next female president setting history in the republic of Kenya. However, Raila's ambition of contesting for 2022 presidency has not been put forward clearly following the contravened information. 

However, speculations affirms that Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga might be in ballot in 2022 for Kenya's top seat. Previously Raila Odinga had stated that he's not interested in 2022 presidency as people say. However, the move has left many in suspense as Raila's 2022 Presidential plan tends to be unclear. 

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