Four benefits of daily banana consumption

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In our daily life, a banana is meant to be a fruit. Many consume it to just fill their stomach. I can't deny the fact that it is a cure to hunger but it is more important health-wise than we all know. People are urged to eat Bananas every day for the following health benefits;

1. Cancer prevention

Bananas have been tested to be strong prevention to Cancer. They contain high minerals which clean the blood and keep it off from cancer catching. According to research done by students at University of Michigan in the department of medical school proved bananas to be good cancer prevention measures.

2. Strong bones

Bananas are possessing Calcium and potassium in high value. These minerals are the builders for strong bones and teeth. As you eat more Bananas the more the chances of having strong bones. You will be able to avoid defeciency disease like rickets.

3. Skin care

Bananas are in possession of high content of minerals. Potassium and calcium are essential for good skin. They streamline smooth skin this leads to healthy skin. Health practioners encourages more amount of banana consumption to improve the skin health.

4. It is an energy source

Bananas are readily available in maltose form. They are directly absorbed into the blood stream to give the body instant energy. It is advisable to take Bananas in between during workouts to boost body energy.

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