A class 8 boys kills a pregnant mother and her two sons

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In the world that we are living in today, strange things are showing up every day. People have turned to become 'monsters' toward their fellows.

K24 TV posted an incident on their Twitter account where a class 8 pupil confessed to killing a pregnant mother and her two sons. The class 8 pupil attacked the mother of the two sons on Saturday date 2 and she died the following day. According to that post, the mother is said to have been 6 months pregnant. The police said that the pupil surrendered himself after he was attacked by unknown people. After he was arrested, the police searched the boy's homestead where they found two bodies. The dead bodies were identified as the pregnant mother's (dead)sons. One of them was 5 years, while the other one was 10 years. This incident is even painful to listen to. It is very strange how a class 8 pupil can kill a whole family. But, why would the pupil do that? Share your thoughts below.

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