The ANC need to be voted out after what they have done to our people: Opinion

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Being an ANC member used to hold much respect in communities but not anymore. Now it is very difficult to even wear the ANC t-shirt with pride and let alone talk about it. The ANC is indeed collapsing and the leaders are so much focused on the factionalism that is within the party, and they can't see that the party is falling apart.

The ANC is showing that we amount to nothing. There is no other words that one can use to describe the behaviour of the ANC recently. They have been on a never ending spree of doing unveiling that don't even make sense.

We should really vote out the ANC. The party is bassically not coping and we can not continue to keep them in power when we see that they are failing dissimilarly. We are the one who put them in power and we are the only people who can ensure that they are out of power. The people of the Eastern Cape are in trouble with the ANC. The things that are happening in that province are heart breaking. The ANC is doing as they please in that province.

The only problem that people have is that there is no alternative and trustworthy party that people can vote for, when they ditch the ANC. The DA is not an alternative party for black people. We thought that the EFF would be better but the leader of the party does not have a back bone. He is all over the place. The only party that seems to be convincing is ActionSA even though it is hard to trust it fully, since it is the only time that it is contesting the elections, but it is promising. We will wait anticipately to see what happens on the 1 November.

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