Mother Arrested For Allegedly Selling Her Daughter For Ksh 70,000


(Photo used for illustration: courtesy of google search engine)

A woman has been arrested in Kayole after allegedly selling her daughter for ksh 70,000.

According to reports, the mother gave birth to the child and decided to sell her when she was two weeks old. Police officers from Karore Police Station have arrested the woman with four other suspects and launched investigations.

The incident has occurred at a time when police are also looking for another woman from the same area who also sold her child for ksh 5,000. Sources say that the child was only a day old.


Parents should be taking care of their children. Selling kids is not a good practice and should be discouraged. The government should formulate strict laws against this bad practice.

What are your thoughts and opinions regarding this incident which happened at Kayole? Do you know other villages where selling of children is rampant? Comment down below.


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