Unexpected|| See where Julius Malema went to visit. It will leave you in tears

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He It was more than political showboating when EFF leader Julius Malema recently made trips to restaurants in South Africa to "actually have a look at the business split between South African locals and foreign nationals." It is a form of psychological oppression in the workplace. Potential for Julius Malema to force his way into the private sector, with the clipboard and pack of an auditor from the racial segregation time to conduct a sort of pencil test is both amusing and perilous. It's tragic that this is just another scheduled event in the EFF's ongoing endeavor of throwing its weight about the workplace despite the fact that it has no legal basis or right to do so.

The EFF needs partners in the arenas if it is to succeed. Due to the closure of arenas, many industries, such as road merchants, have suffered enormous losses. Sports and the arts are on the verge of collapse and require our support.

It is clear to us that EFF's best line of action is to visit the Tambotie Flats and the Sunnyside Police Station after they have finished advising President Ramaphosa to open the venues. narcotics, human smuggling, and the sabotage of structures Tshwane Ground Forces of the EFF seize the initiative. Many people in South Africa believe that Julius' actions are illegal. Because of this, they proposed an impromptu council that would first contact government authorities and obtain a legal order to proceed with such demands from enrolled organizations.

Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/EFFSouthAfrica/status/1484014125667782657

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