The Name, Installation Process and The Purpose Of The Shiny Silver Balls Rotating On Top Of Roofs

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The Name and Installation Process

These shiny balls are mostly found in busy places such as godowns, industries, among other busy places. These shiny rotating balls are known as turbine vents or whirlybirds. They are the most economical type of ventilation available. This is because they are designed to be rotated by wind unlike other types of cooling systems such as overhead fans, air conditioners among others which depend on electricity for them to function.

As we all know, that hot air accumulated on the highest point in the roof. That's why the experts who install turbine vents cut an opening on the top of the roof that will comfortable all the whirlybirds to fit in. Once it has been fixed the spaces around it are well filled to prevent leakages. The number of whirlybirds to be installed in a room depends on the size of the room. For instance, 3 bedroomed house may require three whirlybirds, one in each room.

Below is a video with more details on how whirlybirds are installed on top of roofs.

The main purpose of whirlybirds

Whirlybirds are well developed to control the temperatures of a busy room by removing hot air from the top of the room and allowing cool air to get inside the room. Apart from that, they are also useful during the winter because they remove excess humidity and dampness in the room. This prevents mold and bacteria from growing inside the room.

whirlybirds contain a metal that is fitted with fins that allows them to trap wind. The turbines rotate once the wind blows inside the turbine. This rotating motion creates a vacuum effect that sucks the hot air that accumulates under the roof.

The main disadvantages of this type of ventilation are that they only function well in windy places. You should always consider this factor before installing turbine vents in your house.

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