Osu Presec SHS student alleged to have been taken away by the sea


Osu Presec Presbyterian school is a Senior High School located in Accra. Today 16th July, 2021, something has happened which is just weird and sorrowful.

A student in Osu Presec Presbyterian Senior High School has been taken away by the sea, and what she said while the sea was taking her away was just weird. This is how it happened.

A group of students from different schools came to the beach to swim since today is their vacation. The girl we are talking about (the Osu Presec girl) together with her friends went into the water to swim.

She went quite a little deep with her friends and what they noticed was that, the sea was taking her away because she was drowning and struggling to come to the surface of the water.

A woman living by the sea shore noticed it and called some boys and strong swimmers to go and save her since her friends were afraid to go in and save her.

They went and saw her struggling but managing to surface on top of the water. They tried going to her and help her but she told them to stop and leave her alone, they should go away and leave her to die.

Isn't this weird? Why would she tell them to leave her to die?

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