Unstable Political Parties


(Dr.Abraham Sing'oei.Photo;Courtesy)

Officials from Trans Nzoia County have expressed concern over the continued decline of political parties in the country and instead witnessed the controversy and its deterioration.

Led by the Chief Legal Adviser in the office of Deputy President Dr. William, Ruto Dr. Abraham Singoei explained that political parties are the key wheel of democracy and, the instability of major political parties in the country is a threat to the growth of democracy and national development in years to come.

"When you see big parties like Jubilee and ODM faltering, it starts to confuse you about the future of our nation's democracy. Currently there is no opposition in parliament, its absence undermines the quality of democracy and debate and also contributes to the government's lack of so-called accountability and transparency , that is why you will find a lot of embezzlement of government funds taking place under the cloud of democratic strong and stable political parties,"Singoei said

In addition, Dr. Singoei called on the Registrar of Political Parties to re-evaluate the implementation of the law on political parties and to review the alliances of these parties to ensure democracy is legally protected from alliances so as not to undermine the independence of those parties.

"It is one year before our nation elects new leaders in 2022, if you hear this party is starting to negotiate with another party to make merger, we must ask ourselves fundamental questions in terms of what is the future of a democracy given the kind of merger that are taking place,"he addes urging the registrar of political parties, when he enforces the political parties act, before writing and agreeing with the party regarding the mergers coalition building they must consider that the merger does not undermine the democratic character of our country.

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