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Members of the Bole Shea Cooperative Association (BOSCO), a women Shea butter group which has its origin from Chache, Ntereso and Kilampobile Shea butter cooperatives in the Bole district of Savannah region, under the sponsorship of Plan international Ghana, Global Affairs Canada implemented by Pure Trust Social Investors Foundation at the weekend visited the studios of Bole based Nkilgi FM to discuss matters in relation to their operations within the district and Ghana at large.

Three members of the groups from Chache, Ntereso and Kilampobile cooperatives; Sala Moshi Innusah, Ajata Abutu and Donbatey Maali-ere respectively seeks for customers within the Bole district, Savannah region, Ghana and the world at large.

According to Madam Ajata Abutu Plan international Ghana, Global Affairs Canada and Pure Trust Social Investors Foundation trained them how to make Black Africa soap, Neem soap, Moringa soap, virgin soap, liquid soap and powdered soap and that the Cooperatives have also learned how to produce Shea based creams such as body pomade, lip balm, massage balm, hair food, mosquito repellent etc from the Shea butter processing.

She said the products which are in various quantities are now on the market where consumers can get them at affordable prices.

Madam Ajata Abutu called on non governmental organisations and buyers of Shea butter to also patronize their products.

She said one can get their products from the cooperatives centres and at the Bole hippo centre.

Madam Ajata Abutu said COVID-19 has slowed down the business structure of production and the market system which has reduced demand causing excess supply.

Also speaking in the studios of Bole based Nkilgi Fm was the Chief Executive officer of Pure Trust Social Investors Foundation Mr. Habib Haruna who thanked the cooperatives for making it possible for the training and also the Bolewura, the District Assembly and the community chiefs that contributed to the establishment of the centres at the various communities.

According to Mr Habibu, other beneficial projects will be coming to the Bole district to facilitate easy livelihood such as poultry farm and farming enhancement project which will involve men and women.

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