Things Women Who Have Had a Cesarean Section Should Not Do Before Healing


Having a Cesarean section is definitely not the easy way out. Those who have it goes through a delicate state of mind and body and there are certain do's and don'ts that need to be kept in mind.

Here are some of the things these women should avoid

1. Avoid Certain foods

Foods that cause gas should be avoided at all costs. This is because they can cause pain and even bloating when the wound has not yet healed which might be very dangerous.

2. Avoid Cracking up

Laughing out too hard can make the C-section incision to hurt. Coughing too, although cannot be controlled, also cause pain.

Avoid Working

These women are supposed to rest as much as possible. This is because when they work, they strain so much and the stitches might come out.

4. Avoid Climbing stairs

Climbing the stairs actually requires a lot of effort and make one run the risk of the stitches coming apart. But if it is a must to climb them, they should take them one at a time slowly by slowly.

5. Avoid Lifting the baby

They are only supposed to lift the baby up when feeding them. walking around lifting the baby can be extremely painful and the baby’s legs might also come in contact with the incision area and this is why they should avoid holding them.

6. Avoid Having sex

For at least 6 weeks after the operation is done or until the wound heals, it’s best for them to stay away from sex.

7. Stop Worrying

A lot of moms blame it on their misfortune that they had to go through this surgery. But there’s no point in beating themselves up about this. They should try not to get depressed and concentrate on their health and that of the baby.

8. Avoid Letting the wound get wet

For the first few days after the surgery when the wound is still fresh, they should always shower with the dressing on top of the wound. They should also avoid touching the incision unnecessarily even if they have a feeling of itchiness.