Tilapia Farming:3 Tips to make your business environmentally friendly.


1. Choose the right species

As common as the name Tilapia might sound,there are several species of this fish which are edible and can equally be farmed for commercial purposes.However,the most common species is the Oreochromis Niloticus,also known as Nile Tilapia.It is one of the most commonly farmed Tilapia species because it’s very delicious in terms of taste and has a faster growth rate which enhances its commercialization.

2.Select a suitable farm site

Site selection is very key in setting up your entire farm for production.Mangroves,swamps or coral-reef like areas must be avoided.Production on a new site might affect local biodiversity and so measures must be put in place in order to conserve the biodiversity and further make the site environmentally friendly.

In the open water cage system,site selection for cages must be sheltered areas that are protected from waves.This in effect,would protect on site equipment from wreckage and other force majeure.

3.Feed Management

This is a very sensitive and critical area of production since feed accounts for over 60% of your entire production cost.It’s imperative that technical knowledge must be acquired in order to adequately feed your fish stock.This will avoid the issue of over feeding and under feeding.Also condition of feed storage is very important because good conditions such storing feed on pallets,well ventilated store rooms,as well as general cleanliness would avert the infestation of rodents and other related pests.

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