How To Differentiate Between Fake And Original Phones

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As one opts to purchase any electronic device, it is always his or her wish to buy an original device. However, many are those who later notice that they were conned and bought counterfeit electronic appliances mostly mobile phones.

This is because mobile phone dealers have stocked both original and counterfeit phones in their stalls and it's quite hard to know the difference between the two types of phones.

In this article I am going to shade some light to all mobile phone users on how you can avoid buying counterfeit phones.

First of all and the most basic precautions is buying phones from trusted phone dealers and not from anybody.

Secondly, as the English men say, cheap is always expensive hence when the deal is too good for you then think twice since most counterfeit products are usually sold at relatively cheap price compared to original products.

Thirdly, for Techno phones dial *#06#. Some few seconds after dialing this code, a 15-digit code known as the IMEI number displays on the phones screen.

After getting the number, visit this website This site will help you acquire further information about the phone you want to buy. Enter the IMEI number on the space provided by the website and all phone details will be displayed. If there is a mismatch with the details printed on the phone's box then definitely that phone is fake.

Finally, for Samsung smartphones, you are just required to dial *#0*# on the phone you intend to purchase. This helps in checking whether all components of the Samsung phone operate efficiently and doesn't have any defects such as the camera, sensor and LCD test.

After dialing this code, if the phone is original the details in the photo below will be displayed on the phones screen written in English if it appears in any other language then it's an indication that it's a fake phone.

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